Image of a vase of paper flowers in tones of browns and greens by Julianne Matter

Creative Paper Craft

Paper is a joyful, creative and versatile product, available in many colours, textures, weights and patterns. 

At Quince & Quill we think that best of all, it can be transformed from flat to 3D easily.  Paper craft is a lovely way to spend some creative and mindful time folding and constructing and once finished you have something beautiful and sustainable to decorate the home.


pink paper peonies in a vase, a paper craft kit by Origami Est

Above:  Paper Peonies by Origami Est
These impressive flowers are straightforward to construct and great on display.


A pack of silkscreen printed origami papers by Esmie

Above:  Origami Squares by Esmie
These are no ordinary origami papers, each square is unique and cut from Japanese silkscreen printed paper.  Ideal for collage or origami.


Header Image:  Field Flowers by Jurianne Matter
A beautiful bouquet of paper flowers to construct and display in a vase, on a wreath or to give individually as a gift.




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