Image of the front cover of a Life Japan plain notebook

Notebooks | Made In Japan

Japan is one of the world's leading papermaking countries, renowned for their high quality of paper.  Lovers of notebooks know that Japanese notebooks are a joy to use for their attention to detail, craftsmanship and quality production. 

Life Japan notebooks, showing all 3 colours, red, tan and aqua

LIFE Japan is a Japanese stationery brand established in 1949.  Produced by skilled artisans who have a keen eye for every part of the process, their success is due to a timeless endeavour to create the finest products for use in daily life.   

Their most famous notebooks are the iconic Noble series.  These are designed for the person who values quality paper and they are beautifully made by a skilled stitch binding “Ito-toji” method.  Inside, the fine laid paper is fountain pen friendly (highly resistant to bleed-through and feathering) and exceptionally smooth to write on.  The paper is acid-free and of archival quality for durability and long term storage.  Aesthetically this series of notebooks has a retro look with a front cover design from a reproduction of a vintage type-paper pad and the LIFE logo embossed in gold.  Choose your preference of layout from plain, ruled or grid.   

Notebooks by Japanese brand Kleid

Kleid is another Japanese brand that manufactures quality notebooks.  Kleid means “clothes” or “dress” in German and their brand fuses technical functionality with a fashion interpretation.  Their signature page format is a 2mm grid.  This grid is printed with a light touch so that it does not dominate the page and is there in the background for guidance when needed.  Kleid’s notebooks are produced from the highest grade OK Fools writing paper and thread bound.  As with all quality notebooks the paper is fountain pen friendly, offers smooth writing and good absorption. 

A pleasure to own!

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