rolls of classic striped wrapping paper in candy colours of pink, orange, aqua and yellow

The Gift is in the Wrapping

A beautifully wrapped present is part of the charm of sending a gift.  It is a delight when the receiver hesitates to open a gift, exclaiming it is too wonderful to open!

The time and thought given to the presentation of your gift will definitely be appreciated and it provides a wonderful opportunity to be creative.

Firstly, choose a wrapping paper design that you feel will appeal to the recipient.  Maybe they are they a fan of marbled patterns, maybe they have a favourite colour, maybe they like bold patterns or delicate vintage styles?  If you take this into consideration and tailor your wrapping to the taste of the recipient the gift will be all the more memorable and enjoyed.

The inclusion of a layer of tissue adds to the anticipation of revealing what is inside and adds a touch of luxury. Start with wrapping the present in tissue paper, a coordinating colour of tissue gives an elegant, classic look. Alternatively a colour that contrasts is great for a fun and more unconventional result. 

Follow with the selected gift wrap taking time to measure the paper needed and to wrap neatly.  We find double sided tape gives excellent results as the tape is then hidden and doesn't detract from the paper and decoration.  It is also possible to wrap with no tape at all, the gift can be secured using ribbon or twine!

The most creative part of the wrapping process are the finishing touches and better still, a big ribbon bow can cover any wrapping imperfections. 

Luxury double-sided recycled satin ribbon can be simply tied across one length of the present or across two sides in a square.  If you are generous with the ribbon length used it will be more likely that the recipient will keep the ribbon and reuse for their own wrapping.  Satin ribbon can be gently ironed for onward gifting or crafts.

Consider layering different styles or widths of ribbon together, this can make a fun presentation and we are currently loving the combination of plain satin with colourful wavy rik rac.

red ribbon and orange rik rac bow

For an environmentally friendly option, natural raffia is 100% biodegradable and is available in many lovely colours, select a few strands and tie in multiple.

What to do if you find yourself out of ribbon?  Try experimenting using any paper that is leftover.  Geometric designs are particularly effective cut into strips and positioned in a different direction or a coordinating paper design can be used as a ribbon. three presents wrapped in candy coloured striped wrapping paper

If you have lots of offcuts of paper try making a patchwork of paper designs, this is also a nice way to wrap a large present!  

a present wrapped in a patchwork of different wrapping papers 

Then finally is is time to address the gift; letterpress printed gift tags are an elegant and timeless choice, vintage style tags work particularly well with classic Italian papers, shaped gift tags are so cheerful and coordinate with bright geometric designs and adhesive labels are great to have to hand and can be useful for many purposes.  

Let's wrap!

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