Image of a valley of trees in rich autumn colours and black mountains in the background

Autumn Vibes

Embrace the turn of the season. The days are getting shorter, there is a seasonal freshness in the air and beautiful autumnal colour is starting to appear.  Lets take the opportunity to focus on products to gift in this colourful season. 

Image shows a collection of greetings cards.  An autumnal valley with trees and two mini garden bird cards by Ruth Thorp Studio and a card with an image of two fly agaric mushrooms from The Pattern Book

Greetings cards from left to right

- Blaze Card by Ruth Thorp Studio.  
- Garden Bird mini cards by Ruth Thorp Studio

Ruth Thorp is an illustrator, designer and maker based in Bath. With a love for colour, graphics, picture books and print her artwork is clear and sophisticated, using bold graphics, colour, texture and minimalist layouts. These cards are wonderfully reflective of the time of year.   

- Fly Agaric Card by The Pattern Book.

This card is a co-branded card by The Pattern Book and Wellcome Collection. Originally a watercolour painting, possibly painted at an art class around 1883-1906.  This fly agaric fungus card is ideal for any fans of mushroom foraging (one to admire and not to eat!)

Image of a concertina greeting card with 4 colourful mugs by Hadley Paper, a red and white wrapping paper with acorn gift tag, also by Hadley and a geometric orange and pink circle print patterned paper by Ola Studio.

Greetings cards and wrapping paper from left to right

- Mugs - Small Concertina Card. This card was designed by Hadley Paper Goods in collaboration with Kettle's Yard house, Cambridge. We think these four proper mugs are just what is needed to keep up morale in the cooler days!

- Red Folded wrapping paper with an acorn gift tag. Also by Hadley, this gift wrap is a cheerful option to wrap a present.  Hadley produce a charming set of five plant gift tags (including the acorn pictured) that is a fun finish for any present.

- Sophie patterned paper by Ola Studio. In rich colours of orange and pink, team this wrapping paper with burnt orange satin ribbon to present a gift.

Image of a squirrel and an oak leaf greetings card by Scout Editions, a maple leaf print chiyogami silkscreen decorative paper and a greetings card of a kimomo by Ezen Design.

Greetings card and silkscreen paper from left to right

- Squirrel card by Scout Editions
- Oak Leaf card by Scout Editions
Two super cute mini cards that are ideal to send a little greeting at this time of year. Riso printed in London by Scout Editions who have a love for print, colour and folklore. 

- Falling leaves patterned Japanese silkscreen printed chiyogami paper.  The pattern and colours of this stunning handmade paper "sing" autumn.  Use for seasonal crafts, decorations or bookbinding.

-  Kimono of Spring and Autumn Card by Ezen Design. The passing of life and time are shown through the changing of seasons. The two most celebrated in Japan are spring and autumn, this kimono depicts cherry blossoms and maple leaves respectively.

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